Monday, April 2, 2018


What a beautiful day it was to celebrate that He is risen!  What a gift to share such a powerful time of worship with these people. So very thankful for Jesus and the way He loves us and I'm beyond grateful to be Easter people!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Hunting We Will Go

We met up with my parents and the Henshaws for their church's Easter egg hunt. We love, love, love going to this event every year and it was extra special to be in their new church facility this year!  Fun fact. Grace City moved into what used to be Wesley Chapel and Wesley Biblical Seminary where J worked and did Seminary!  They did an amazing job renovating the worship space. It's beautiful!
While we waited for the hunting to begin, the kids enjoyed playing on the inflatables....

And getting lots of balloon creations....

And checking out the dunking booth.
Emma's group was up first. I think the planners may have over estimated the number of people who would be attending because there was a ridiculous number of the kids filled their buckets and then filled bags as well!

Walker's group went next. Again, so many eggs!
Finally, it was the big kids turn and EK was pumped!
Like I said, so many eggs. This is our stash that we took home😳
Such a fun time with all my people!
Robert came home for Easter/to pack up their house bc the close next week and we were all THRILLED to see him!  His parents also came into town for a little visit and we had a big time playing with  them as well!  It's always nice to have so many hands to help with my tiny humans!
What are we going to do without these two???? I just can't even.
Thanks, Kay Kay and G for a fabulous morning!
These pictures are out of order. Oh well. Walker was pumped to visit with the police officer on duty!  He asked him if he could see his hand cuffs😂 
I think this one needs a frame! So sweet! 
It was such a beautiful day today and getting to hang out and play together was just about perfect!

Hippity Hoppity

Thursday was a very busy Easter party day! 4 of us had egg hunts and so we had to divide and conquer!  My sweet friend Amanda wrangled Emma at their class party. She sent me lots of pictures and they seemed to have a great time. The rain held off long enough to hunt for a few eggs in the mud😬.

J took Walker to his class party. All I can say is I'm grateful I didn't sign up to host 2 classes of kindergarteners...especially on a super rainy/muddy day!  So many muddy feet!!!!
We all went to EKs party but these two made a pit stop and decided to hang out with Haley and her class. They loved playing with the 5th graders!  
I failed to take any pictures at EKs party. You win some.  You lose some. 

Fairytale Favorites

EK performed in her dance company's spring performance last weekend. The ballet was divided up into two different parts. The first part was called Classical Symphony. It was a piece designed by the studio director to show the progression of a ballet dancer so it resembled what their training in classes looks like. It started out with the apprentice class and worked its way up to the high school girls. I really enjoyed seeing how the intense training prepares the girls for their future as dancers. There was a very happy little girl right up front. She enjoyed every single second on that stage and in the words of her sweet brother, "she rocked it!"

The second  part of the performance was called Fairytale Favorites and it was a compilation of several of the favorites from ballets performed over the years. The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen all took the stage but the very best was last!  Princess and the Pea ended the show and I know I'm biased, but it really was the most entertaining!  My little pea was simply precious!

These pillows and peas had quit a big time backstage. It was LOUD,

EK has sweet little friends in her dance classes and she so loves getting to hang out with them....which is a good thing considering how many hours a week they are together! On our way home from the performance, we were chatting about her little friends and she said , "you know mom, they are more like my dance family and not just friends."  It made me smile to hear her say that! I know she loves dance but to know she loves the girls too is  just the icing on the cake!

W and Em got to see EK in action on Friday morning when their school attended for a field trip. They were so proud of their sister!

And one thing is for certain, our dancing girl is loved deeply!  It was a 2 1/2 hour performance and this crew made it through every minute!😂

Now it's one week off and then rehearsals start up again to start preparing  for the next ballet!