Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hail Dear Old State

It's been a minute since we have been in Starkville for a game day and man, it was so good to be back! The game was super early, so we visiting with Bully for a few minutes and
Stopped by our favorite tailgate spot. I just love seeing all these kiddos together!  We missed having EK with us big time but she was busy with rehearsals and couldn't miss๐Ÿ˜”
As we were driving home from the game, I was doing the math in my head. Next fall, I will have been friends with these precious girls for half of my life!  That is wild!!! What a gift they are!!!

After our quick visit at the tailgate, we made our way to our seats for the game. Some dear friends invited us to sit with them in their skybox. We had the best time with them while we cheered on our dawgs to a W!

My kids would trade me for Ms Shannon in a heartbeat! 

Since EK wasn't with us, Reese had to fill in as big sister. She played with the little 2 and was a great baby sitter/entertainer! 

One of the main reasons  Emma hasn't been to a state game yet is 1) she despises being hot 2) she doesn't love crowds 3) she doesn't like a lot of noise...you know, all the things that you find at  a college game with 60,000 cowbells in the Mississippi heat! So, the skybox was a dream come true for this little diva. She loved it and shook her cowbell so hard that she threw out the ringer!

After the game, we stopped by a few more tailgates to visit some friends. My kids love all the "big kids" from the youth group! 
I miss not being in Starkville for every game. I miss the atmosphere and the excitement. I miss my friends and getting to fellowship. So, it was so great to be able to experience those things over the weekend,  but I'll be honest, if you told me we needed to pack it all up again and be back up there in a few days for the homecoming game, I might go hide somewhere covered in hives and cry a little! I'm out of practice so I'll just stick with cheering from my comfy chair in my house shoes!๐Ÿ˜‰

Scarecrow Festival

Fall festivities are my favorite!  We heard about the Scarecrow Festival in downtown Madison and decided to check it out and I am so glad we did!  It was a great event with free activities for the kids to enjoy.
This was hysterical. W was living the dream riding on the bull and would have stayed here all night. He's the wild man thrill seeker for sure.
EK...not so much. The second the bull started moving, she froze up and wanted off. She's the cautious one!
Everyone enjoyed the hay obstacle course. 

I'm glad I haven't passed on my fear of horses to my children. I've been holding a grudge since I went to camp in 7th grade and they made me ride on a horse named Roo. He stepped on me. It was horrible. Katie, do you remember that?

They are all getting big! 

We took a train ride around the Festival. 

And posed by  the giant pumpkin the 5th graders from school made.
EK was excited about getting her face painted. 
Sweet Anna from my d group was painting faces with the MC cheerleaders so she Worked her magic on the kids faces.
Daddy's girls! 
It was a super fun night in our sweet little town!

What They're Up to...School Edition

My kids love school and I love seeing pictures of all they are doing!  Fridays are spirit days, so EK doesn't have to wear her uniforms (they wear school approved spirit wear from the school store) and they are given gear that goes along with the pep rally theme each week. The mustaches were a big hit!

EK is participating in the sewing program one day a week after school. She is loving her new cross body bag and the fact that she got to sew in Velcro for the first time. 
Em's class has been doing a farm unit for a couple of weeks so the kids decided they needed a picture in front of the big barn.
Our school decided to bring the pumpkin patch to us this year and forgo the traditional field trip. It was awesome!  We had a petting zoo, Hay ride, pumpkin patch, games and other activities. 
Why yes, that is a donkey wearing a cow costume. She was ready for Halloween! 

I vote we always bring the field trips to us!  We had the best time! 
The firefighters came to teach us about fire safety and let us climb on the truck. 
My firetruck loving little guy smiled the entire day. 
EK's class completed a book about chocolate so each student was given the task of creating a new candy bar and ad campaign. EK (with the help of Aunt Carolyn,  Haley and me) created a Patriot Bar. She loved persuading her class to try her treats!

That's all the school snaps for now!