Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer Bucket List 2017--June Edition

The kids suggested we make a Summer Bucket List for us to complete this summer. They worked hard to create a list of things they wanted to do and we are having a big time checking their items off each day.

The kids had a camp out in the living room⛺️....let's be real, it's hot and there are bugs...who would want to camp outdoors?  Not anyone related to me, for sure!
We enjoyed some yummy sno cones🍧.
We played at the Strawberry Patch Park and had a picnic lunch.

We loaded up on some new reading material at Barnes and Noble📚. I bet you will never guess who requested this activity!

Eat at a restaurant🍔  was a pretty easy one to check off the list!  We accomplished this several times like when we celebrated Father's Day with my family...
And when we celebrated Haley's birthday together🎉. 
The Livingston Sweet Shop🍭🍫 was a fun and tasty little adventure. 

Our trip to the library was even more fabulous when we were able to catch the magician one day! 
These 2 loved their time at the movies 🎥 to see Cars 3. 
They passed on  the traditional popcorn snack at the theater for dippin dots 🍦 

Speaking of ice cream🍦, it definitely made the list and multiple trips have already taken place. 
Walker and I had a date👫where  he chose a trip to CFA, the Children's Museum and Campbell's bakery. We had the best time together. 

Sweet treats seem to be the theme of this bucket list, so it's no surprise that Campbell's Bakery🍪 was a must. 
Visiting Aunt Carolyn🏖 was a big item on the list for the summer. I'm fairly certain the multiple post from our trip show how much we loved our time with her! 
June is almost over but we have a couple more activities in the works including the birthday of an almost 8 year old😳.  We adore you summertime!☀️

Monday, June 19, 2017

Emma the Brave

Emma had her 6th surgical procedure a little over a week ago. She was feeling extra brave in pre op since her American girl doll got a new outfit for this trip to the "rainbow hospital."

This visit to the OR was for T tubes and a sphincter pharyngoplasty.  Due to Emma's complicated cleft palate, it has taken multiple attempts to get enough closure in her mouth for proper speech. Without proper closure, the air just goes out of her nose instead of out her mouth with enough pressure to make the sounds correctly. This procedure basically closed off her throat except for two openings the size of her nostrils so she can breathe. She did amazingly well during surgery and in her recovery and we were able to be discharged after a one night's stay. She is back on the soft foods diet for 6 weeks and then we will proceed from there with lots and lots of speech therapy. She has developed some lazy speech habits due to her physiological deficits, so it will be a process to get her to use her mouth in the correct. We are able to hear her say sounds she could not say before but she is still hypernasal. Hopefully it will improve and we can take a break from surgeries for a little bit. 
She is just so tough. We are always on the same floor during recovery so it is nice to see so many familiar faces. We had a new nurse this time and when we described Emma as a beast when it comes to recovery, she laughed and said she had already heard the exact same description from all the nurses. We love the staff on 2C!
We are so blessed to have an incredibly gifted surgeon and precious staff at Batson, but we are all excited when we hear the magical words that we are free to go home! (Even if Emma doesn't look so excited in this picture. She was not happy when they took out her "magic button" IV so she was not feeling my picture.)
That's better!  Let's go home!
The staff at Nelson Home Health is pretty spectacular as well!

We are thrilled to have this one behind us and now we can enjoy the rest of our summer. So, so proud of this little girl. She is absolutely amazing!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

BSL Fun Part 4

We enjoyed a delicious dinner downtown overlooking the harbor one night. Walker was fascinated by the boats and asked no less than 4.3 million questions about Hurricane Katrina.
We snapped a couple of pictures by the "angel tree". During the storm, 4 people who were staying at a bed and breakfast across the street from this spot held on to this tree for hours until the eye of the hurricane passed over and they were able to get to a safe location. The tree was relocated across the street and has beautiful carvings in just can't see the, in the pics bc I cute them off with my amazing photography skills😉

What better way to cap off dinner by the water than by playing in the sand for a few minutes?!?!

We rounded out our evening with yummy popsicles. 

Bay St. Louis, we had an incredible visit!  Thank you, thank you, thank Aunt Carolyn for being the best hostess and treating us to such a fabulous time. Also, a huge thank you to Haley for hanging out with us!  It takes a lot of hands to keep up with this wild and rowdy bunch, so I'm beyond grateful to the Aunts for all their help!!😉  We loved every minute and look forward to our adventure next summer!