Sunday, December 10, 2017

A White Christmas

At the very top of EKs Christmas wish list was snow. Glad it worked out for her!  We woke up Friday morning to 5 inches of gorgeous snow. Nothing like 70 degrees on Tuesday and snow on Friday!  Thanks, Mississippi!!!  School was still a go so we played a couple of minutes before heading to EKs program. As soon as we got back home, it was time to play!!!  This was like the best snow day ever bc the roads were completely clear, there was no ice, and it was just perfect, fluffy powder. The kids (well 2/3 of them) absolutely loved their winter wonderland!

Emma only stayed outside long enough for me to snap 2 pictures. The diva does not like to be cold...or hot😉

This is how crazy Mississippi weather is...while Aunt Carolyn was with us, she missed snow at her house on the coast!  That's right!  Snow at the beach!

Happy snow day 2017!  Good news...this week we are back up to the mid 60s!

Grandparent's Day Program

The 3rd graders put on the sweetest play for grandparent's day. The "city kids" came to the country and learned the true meaning of Christmas. This may be my favorite of all the programs they have done and they did a fabulous job!
EK was The Beverly Hillbillies style. She was hysterical with her thick country accent!

This program kicked off a marathon weekend for the Nelson house! I can't thank my parents and Aunt Carolyn enough for all the ways they kept us afloat this weekend!  Our week started out with the flu for Walker, Tamiflu for everyone else, and Nutcracker rehearsals every night so we were already running on E before we even made it to Friday morning. This crew has been unbelievable and we wouldn't have made it to Sunday without y'all! 
We missed the Nelsons so much during all of our program and Nutcracker festivities. Our nephew had open heart surgery in Memphis this week so they have been busy caring for him. He's one tough guy!

Monday, December 4, 2017

PJ Light Night

PJ Light Night has become one of our favorite Christmas traditions.  We put on festive jammies, load up the van, pick up some oh so healthy fast food, and then drive around town looking for the best light displays.

We can always count on Indian Pines and the Richardson Light Show to be over the top and amazing!  EK and W took hundreds of pictures as we drove down the streets.
Little sister just smiled and giggled the whole time!
I have a feeling we will be making a few more trips by our favorite spots over the next few weeks!  

Canton Lights

The day after Thanksgiving was opening night for the Canton Lights and since everyone was in town, it was the perfect time to check out the light displays and of course all the rides. So much fun!

 Visiting the lights is a Christmas must for our family!  What a fabulous way to end a wonderful week! 

Christmas in Madison

Since everyone was in town for Thanksgiving week, we celebrated our family Christmas.   We ate a tasty lunch, played games and opened some presents.

We went outside to try out some of the new toys. The pitching machine has provided a lot of entertainment over the last few days!

We ended our "Christmas" with a trip to the Canton Lights. Lots more pictures to come!