Saturday, June 9, 2018

Beach Trip-Part 4

Did a beach trip even happen if you don't snap pictures down by the water before dinner????
What an amazing week with all these people. We can't thank Jeff and Patty enough for their hospitality and willingness to spend a week with our crew. Beyond blessed to have the very best village! 

Beach Trip-Part 3

W is obsessed with all things ocean. He loves watching Shark Week, Chasing Monsters (where they fish for a variety of giant fish, and Ocean Mysteries. He loves it all so much that he dressed up as a scuba diver for Halloween. Our friend Jeff is a scuba instructor and has told W that he cannot dive until he is 10 BUT he can snorkel, so he got a brand new snorkel and mask and his very own set of fins when we got to Florida. He practiced for several days in the pool to get comfortable enough to go out in the ocean. He was pumped. Jeff took us out to the jetty where the water is very calm (and super shallow). The fish like to hide away in the rocks and it served as the perfect snorkeling spot. EK and J joined in on the fun as well. They saw lots of fish and crabs so they were super excited. 🐟 🦀 🐠
Emma played and played and played while the other two were busy.
She dances all day every day!
Hello, little hermit crabs 🦀 🦀
Seeing a pirate ship was an unexpected treat!

Beach Trip-Part 2

The forecast leading up to our trip was pretty nasty looking thanks to tropical storm Alberto who rolled through just a couple of days before our arrival but we were pleasantly surprised to have amazing weather our entire week!  Not a drop of rain until we loaded up to head home on Tuesday. What a gift!

In the past, Em has not been a fan of the sand or the water for that matter but not this year!  She played for hours and had a grand time!  She even warmed up to the ocean and would let one of the grown ups carry her (even if it was only knee deep!)

Beach Trip-Part 1

We had the most fabulous time at the beach last week!  We were able to relax (some might say be lazy), play hard, have a blast, and spend some sweet time together. Our precious friends Jeff and Patty invited us to spend a week with them at their home in Florida and we loved every minute with our dear friends who are more like family. It's no surprise that I took an enormous amount of pictures but I just can't help myself! So, there will be a couple of beach posts to accommodate all the photos.

This was EKs happy place. If we weren't at the beach or pool, you could find her in this swing with a book. She loved this spot!
I am pleased to report that for the most part, there was very little bickering and our days were filled with happy little people who played well together!  This made for a much more enjoyable time for all and I am very grateful!

We had the perfect mix of staying in for dinner and just cooking and going out to eat. So when we went out, it was important to document real clothes and brushed hair!😉

We love Jeff and Patty!
Waiting for a table for dinner is definitely better when you can look at the ocean! 

Seriously?!?  How is this even a real sunset! Insanely gorgeous!
We had some picnics on the porch before heading back to the pool.
EK worked hard to finish this 1000 piece puzzle. She was so proud! 
Playing hard made for some epic naps! These two crashed every day after lunch and fell asleep again at night time with zero complaints. For two kiddos that never nap, this was huge!
3 little pups lived next door so my animal loving little people had a big time playing with their furry friends.
We attended church on the beach on Sunday. Wonderful experience!

The donut hole is a must!
Ice cream is a must as well. 
W learned a new trick! 
We alternated between the beach and the pool. My three would live in the water if we would let them!  And big steps were made by this little girl!  She finally starting putting her face in the water!  She may learn to swim one day after all!